* All employee screening polygraph examinations are conducted in full compliance with the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988
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We employ the Zone Comparison Test (ZCT) and the Modified General Question Technique (MGQT) as the primary testing procedures. These techniques have been researched and validated over the years, and are considered the staples of polygraph testing.

Polygraphs are frequently used for:
Domestic dispute resolution
Employee theft / fraud
Unfair dismissals
Industrial espionage
Insurance investigations
Bribery / kickback allegations
Professional misconduct cases
False / malicious allegations
Sporting bodies
Media & current affairs
Sexual harassment claims
Truth testing

90-94% Accuracy

Pre-employment Polygraph Examination

These polygraph examinations are conducted for prospective employees of law enforcement agencies and/or security companies.

Employer (EPPA) Polygraph Testing

These polygraph examinations are conducted for employers that can articulate a reasonable suspicion that an employee(s) has engaged in a dishonest business practice. These cases are very complex and involve many legal constraints outlined in the Employee Polygraph Protection Act.

Pre-conviction Specific Issue Polygraph Testing

These polygraph examinations are only conducted for criminal defense attorneys. The examination covers the examinee's truthfulness as it relates to the alleged criminal misconduct or act, i.e. "Did you fire the shot that killed John Smith?"

Post-conviction Sex Offender Polygraph Testing

Using the containment model approach, these examinations are conducted for therapists, clinicians, and court systems that wish to monitor a convicted sex offender's compliance with their court ordered conditions of probation and therapy goals.

Quality Control Polygraph Services

We provide quality control evaluation to persons or entities that wish to have prior polygraph examinations reviewed by a third party. Quality control consists of an evaluation of the polygraph process utilized including a review of any audio and/or video evidence, question formulation, testing procedure, chart interpretation and professional opinion rendered.



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