Licensed Florida Polygraph Examiner
Licensed Florida Polygraph Examiner

Licensed Florida Polygraph Examiner
* All employee screening polygraph examinations are conducted in full compliance with the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988

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Who is Sandra Streator?

Sandra Streator is a Florida Polygraph Examiner. She graduated from the International School of Polygraph Science in 2000 as a  florida polygraph examiner.

Approved by the Florida Polygraph Association as a "Certified Polygraphist"

Sandra has been a member of the American Polygraph Association and the Florida Polygraph Association since 2001. She currently conducts pre-employment polygraph testing, criminal testing for attorneys, specific issue testing and reviews charts from other polygraph examiners.
Streator and Associates is located in Tampbay Florida, but will travel to your location for an additional fee.

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Sandra Streator a Florida Polygraph Examiner

Various tests include:

Civil, Criminal, Domestic, Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing, Pre-Employment, Specific Issue

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Licensed Florida Polygraph Examiner

What is a Polygraph ?

A polygraph test, also known as a "lie detector test," is not something out of the movies anymore. Florida Polygraph Examiners are a common part of criminal investigations and background checks. More and more companies, especially government bodies, now require a polygraph test from potential employees.
A Florida Polygraph Examiner uses a simple machine that consists of six sensors or "wires" that are attached to the person taking the test. The examiner, known as forensic psycho physiologist (FP), observes a sheet of moving paper and the type of lines drawn on it by a special pen. These lines vary according to the emotional reaction of the person to the questions, and these signals are recorded on paper. Licensed Florida Polygraph Examiner

Despite what the name suggests, a florida polygraph examiner test does not detect lies, but rather evaluates the physical responses of a person to a series of questions. To do that, a polygraph examiners test evaluates a person's heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and perspiration on fingertips. Sometimes, a polygraph test also evaluates involuntary arm and leg movements and nervous tics, which are often found during difficult questions. Generally, when a person lies, his or her heart rate increases, he starts sweating, and his whole body reacts. This is what a polygraph test measures.

Before a polygraph test starts, the polygraph examiner and the person taking the test will go through a "pretest interview". During this time, the polygraph examiner will explain how the test works and review the questions to be asked. In the case of legal issues, a lawyer is usually present during this phase of the test. During the actual polygraph test, the examiner asks a mix of irrelevant questions, such as "how old are you?" and relevant questions, which are directly related to the issue being tested.

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